New Classes

We had a really good year last year. We opened the school with beginners classes and it seemed that everyone had a good time.                 We found  that many people couldn't make it on Tuesday nights, so we are going to have Wednesday night classes also. Please check schedule. We are going to continue with the beginner classes and add some upgraded classes.                                                                                               We are going to combine design, forming, cutting, welding and tunes. I'll give you examples,  Our " Garage Rock " will be scrap metal sculpture and welding. In this class you will be given pictures of possible pieces you can make. There will be instruction on how to use the tools and a welding lesson. Then you'll have a bucket to collect scrap metal to make your piece.  I will be there to help and guide you through the process. While working a sampling of " Garage Rock" will be playing.                                                                                      I'm hoping that you will be turned on to a "New Art Form" and possibly new tunes that will inspire you.                                                         I'm planing a series of classes inspired by background music, Classic Country, Surfer style, Cool Jazz, Disco, Headbanger rock, American Patriotic tunes....more to come. Each one will have a project that is paired to the tunes.