Questions and Concerns

Most of the time when I tell someone about this class they say ....I have no experience....I don't have a creative bone in my body...What if I mess up?....I don't know anyone....I don't know how to do it...........

Let me put your questions and/or fears to rest. The reason I started this class was to introduce people to metal work. I know you don't have the knowledge, experience or the tools to do this. I supply all that. You have to do very simple steps. I show you how to and when to do what you need to do. This way you will be successful at your project. I don't want you to be afraid or intimidated with any projects. I want you to have fun and want to come back and make something new and different. 

As far as the creative bit ...I have taken care of that also. You come in and make the project already designed and prepared for you. In the future will are making plans to offer more advanced classes to take you to the next step.